Books and Screens and the Reading Brain

International Scientific Conference "Books and Screens and the Reading Brain" will be held at Vilnius University from September 27-29, 2017

Meeting in Zadar

Next MC meeting of COST Action E-READ will be held in Zadar, Croatia, on September 12, 2016.

New article on the theoretical framework of E-READ

An article by Anne Mangen & Adriaan van der Weel presenting the theoretical framework of E-READ has just been published.

Training School “Empirical Methods for Humanities Scholars”

CALL FOR APPLICATIONS: Training School in Empirical Methods for the Humanities, September 22 – 24 at Max Planck Institute.

New book on digital reading

Digital reading is not equivalent to reading on paper. For over twenty years, the data show specific deficits associated to digital reading especially in visual perception, attention and understanding/memory.

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