Why Is It So Hard To Reach Agreement On Terminology The Case Of Developmental Language Disorder

Longitudinal studies show that problems at the age of about 40% of four-year-olds with early speech delays who have no other risk factors are largely resolved by the age of five. [29] However, for children who still have significant language difficulties when they start school, reading problems are common, even among children who receive expert help,[62] and educational attainment is generally poor. [63] Poor outcomes are more common in cases where comprehension and expressive language are impaired. [64] There is also evidence that nonverbal aptitude test scores of children with DLD decrease during development. [65] The assessment usually includes an interview with the child`s caregiver, observation of the child in an unstructured environment, a hearing test, and standardized language tests. [46] There is a wide range of language tests in English. Some are reserved for use by speech-language pathology experts: speech-language pathologists (SaLT/ST) in the UK, speech-language pathologists (SLP) in the US and Australia. A battery of tests commonly used to diagnose DLDs is the Clinical Assessment of Language Fundamentals (CELF). Assessments that can be done by a parent or teacher can be helpful in identifying children who may need further assessment.

The Children`s Communication Checklist (CCC-2) is a questionnaire for parents that assesses the daily use of language in children from the age of four who can speak in sentences. Informal assessments, such as language samples, are often used by speech-language pathologists/pathologists to complement formal tests and provide an indication of the child`s language in a more naturalistic context. An example of language can be a conversation or a narrative narrative. In an example of narrative language, an adult may tell a story to the child with a wordless picture book (for example, Frog Where Are You?, Mayer, 1969), and then ask the child to use the pictures and tell the story. Language samples can be transcribed using computer software such as systematic language analysis software and then analyzed for a number of characteristics: e.B. the grammatical complexity of the child`s statements, whether the child introduces characters into their story or jumps directly into them, whether the events follow a logical order, and whether the narrative contains a main idea or theme and supporting details. .

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