Xavier Aparicio


Xavier Aparicio
WG Member – WG1, WG3
Position Paper

I am Assistant Professor in Cognitive Psychology at the University of Paris-Est Créteil (UPEC), training future teachers at the ESPE (Superior School of Professorship and Education). I work in the subject of Electronic Reading and I am interested in the theme of two working groups WG1 and WG3.

For WG1, I collaborate with Thierry Baccino and Olga Megalakaki. The aim of our research is to create a platform of tests assessing reading on different electronic media (computers, interactive whiteboards, iPads, etc.) via five dimensions: comprehension, memory, attention, legibility and visibility. These tests will yield a reading quotient (RQ) calculated from a linear combination of the different dimensions. In terms of adaptation, the results will provide a list of variables that need to be considered when adapting electronic media applications to different user profiles. This protocol could be included in benchmark assessment tools (e.g., PISA), where electronic reading is one of the core skills that are assessed, and will encourage the development of methods and assessment tools that are scientifically validated and tested in ecological situations.

For WG3, I am currently working with Olga and Thierry to collect the production of emotional texts in children. I supervise several master students, currently collecting data in several schools in Paris suburbs. These texts will be used later to observe children behaviors when they read these texts in different electronic devices. We also plan to use eye-tracking systems to better observe children behaviors.

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