Position Paper

1. Potential research contribution in light of, or linked to
A. WG interest and Scientific programme:

I am currently Associate Professor in cognitive psychology at LEAD (Laboratory for Research on Learning and Development – CNRS UMR5022, University of Burgundy). LEAD is a cognitive psychology laboratory whose research activity focuses on changes in information processing mechanisms during development and learning and subsequent to implicit, didactic, or professional learning. I am also a partner researcher at CHART-LUTIN (Laboratory for Usage in Information & Communication Technologies – University Paris 8)

I am developing my lines of research on the topic of multimodal cognitive processes during reading and their modifications with acquisition of expertise using the eye-tracking technique. One of my main topics is digital reading (multimodal information processing, visual fatigue, research of information on the Web…). Therefor I am very interested in developing new research paradigms, and metrics for assessing the impact of digitization on reading. I am particularly interested in the theme of the WG1. I can contribute to experiments in WG1 in studies involving multimodal cognitive processes and emotional aspects during reading.

B. Action objectives (pages 7-10 in the MoU):
As a new associate professor, I am an early career researcher and I want to develop my career laying on long-term collaborative research projects.

2. Interest in
A. organizing and/or participating in a short-term scientific mission (STSM).
Optional: pursuing what research questions/projects; where to/with whom; linked to what objective(s) of the Action:
I want to participate in eye tracking measures (e.g., fixations, blinks, pupil dilation) in WG1 experiments in order to understand the effect of digital displays and multimodal information on emotional aspects of reading. These data/studies can provide recommendations for optimal information design for educational publishing (applications, websites, digital document…)

B. organizing and/or participating in a Training School (please indicate what kind of training [theoretical; methodological; technical]).
Optional: linked to what objective(s) of the Action:
I am interested in being trained about the coupling between eye tracking measures and psychophysiological measures as heart rate, skin conductance response.

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