Sue Walker

Susan Walker

Sue Walker
United Kingdom
WG Member – WG4
Position Paper

I am based in the Department of Typography & Graphic Communication at the University of Reading where we describe our research as ‘design for reading’ My particular contribution has been typography for children’s reading and has included two AHRC-funded projects looking at typefaces and their spacing in UK primary classrooms, and an historical study looking at typography in children’s reading books in the C20.
My other research interest is information design – the presentation of (usually) complicated information in ways that can readily understood by those needing to access the content. This work brings together the verbal and graphic presentation of language, and user-centred design. The Centre for Information Design Research undertakes work relevant to government, education and health

Recently I have worked on another AHRC-funded project looking at information books for children design by Marie Neurath (who with Otto Neurath) developed Isotype (see

Select publications
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Language and Literacy, 2005 [24pp] ISBN 07049 98467
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