Sacip Toker

Sacip Toker

Sacip Toker
WG Member – WG1, WG2, WG3
Position Paper

The attentional/perceptual and cognitive dimensions are the dimensions that I can contribute to decide how the measures (legibility, attention, comprehension, memory, and metacognition) can be gauged in an experiment quantitatively. I have experiences in both achievement and attitude test development procedures. I can also link these measures to the indicator of readability of reading devices by using cascading indicators or balanced score card techniques in which a primary goal is hierarchically break down to enabling smaller goals. Once the smaller goals are examined, they add up to the primary goal.

For WG1, I can support experimental studies with my quantitative data collection, analysis and interpretation. Currently, in a national science council (TUBITAK) granted project, I work as a researcher to design experiments and analyze the data. I have sufficient knowledge about multimedia principles for learning examining usage of features (letters, colors, pictures, sounds, screen resolution, expertise, information-seeking, attentional-shift, etc.) to foster better learning outcomes.

For WG2, I am responsible of analysis of achievement tests in the same project aforementioned for science course. I analyzed standardized test items, which may support the measurement of reading, comprehension, and linguistic skills. I can also contribute to the development of questionnaires. I have experience for writing items (using expert panel, qualitative open-ended questions, or literature review), data collection and analysis (explanatory and confirmatory factor analysis), conducting reliability analysis (internal consistencies, test/re-test technique, or parallel testing). Finally, I can demonstrate how the measures of WG2 impact expected outcomes.

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