Charalambos Vrasidas

Charalambos Vrasidas

Charalambos Vrasidas
MC Member – WG3
Position Paper

We are interested to examine the experience of the user, from an ethnographic point of view, when they read on mobile devices and on the screen, and how this influences their understanding of the text and participation in formal and informal learning environments.

The focus of our research is on literacy as a social practice. Therefore it is difficult to identify only one of the 4 WGs. For the sake of choosing one, I will position our work in the WG3: Experiential and emotional aspects of reading. We would like to explore the meanings, from a sociocultural theory approach, of reading using a digital device and how that transforms the experience of the reader. Going a step further, we are interested to examine how all these tools for reading are changing (and can change) how readers experience reading, and also how it influences the way teaching and learning take place.

We believe that 21st century skills are fundamental in preparing kids to enter a highly competitive and uncertain world. In addition to the traditional definitions of literacy (e.g. reading and writing), there is a whole new set of literacies that are important. New media literacies are skills that we all need to function in the new culture environment and the fast pace of life; they are competencies we need to have in order to become citizens, workers, and lifelong learners. Kids are no longer consumers but also producers of messages, which has strong ramifications on the aims of education and the skills needed in the areas of reading, writing, and new media literacies.

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