Paavo Leppänen

Paavo Leppanen

Paavo Leppänen
MC Member – WG1, WG2
Position Paper

Professor of psychology and dyslexia research at the Department of Psychology at University of Jyväskylä, and the chair of the executive team of Research Forum of Learning Difficulties (ForLearning). He has long experience with brain research using event-related potential (ERP) and behavioural research methods with infant, child and adult populations. He currently conducts and directs research in the field of developmental cognitive neuroscience. His research themes include e- and online reading (with web-based, behavioral, eyetracking and brain response measures), dyslexia, language difficulties, and problems in foreign/ second language learning, their risk factors and neurocognitive processes of reading.

My and our group’s interest would be to study online/ internet reading, including related cognitive and brain processes. The methods include web-based material, eyetracking and brain event-related potentials/ fields (EEG based).

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