Nuria Castells

Nuria Castells Gomez

Nuria Castells
MC Member – WG1, WG2
Position Paper

In our new research project* (an intervention project in Secondary Education) we will focus on how students answer different questions after reading multiple expository texts -a task which is similar to the ones students will find in PISA tests-. And we will compare what happens when students read from digitalized sources versus paper ones. We are also considering incorporating metacognitive judgments. Therefore, we expect to contribute to the WG interest by providing new evidence on: -The differences between reading multiple expository texts from paper versus reading from digitalized texts on comprehension (deep vs. superficial comprehension), in school settings. -The impact of reading multiple texts in different supports on metacognitive judgments. – The impact of the intervention on comprehension and metacognition in both conditions. The instruments used will be questionnaires, reading and writing software, screen captures and data will be mostly qualitative.

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