Moniek Kuijpers

Moniek Kuijpers

Moniek Kuijpers
WG Member – WG3
Position Paper

My research is focused on absorbed literary reading. My current projects include collaborations on the topics of ‘personality traits and absorbed reading’, ‘eye tracking correlates of absorbed reading (on paper and when listening to audiobooks)’, ‘processing fluency during poetry reception’, ‘the development of a literary familiarity scale’, and ‘the influence of rereading on appreciation’.

My research interests also include: narrative adaptations, flow theory, the influence of perspective taking and empathy on absorbed reading and prejudice reduction, and the influence of ‘immersive techniques’ in e-books on absorbed literary reading.

During my PhD and my time here at the Max Planck Institute I have developed expertise in psychometric research (exploratory and confirmatory factor analyses), path analyses, regression model analyses, and currently I am training to use eye tracking measures and analyses. I conducted over dozens of experimental studies (both qualitative and quantitative). I could bring this expertise to collaborate with other researchers on the topics I mentioned above.

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