Meltem Huri Baturay

Meltem Baturay

Meltem Baturay
WG Member – WG1, WG2, WG4

Graduated from English Language Teaching Department of Gazi University in 1997, Baturay got master of science degree at English Language Teaching Program, Institute of Social Sciences,Gazi University in 2001. In 2007, she got her PhD degree in the field of Computer Education and Instructional Technology at Middle East Technical University with her thesis”” Effects of Web-Based multimedia annotated vocabulary learning in context model on foreign language vocabulary retention of intermediate level English language learners””. In 2012, she has become Associate Professor Doctor in the field of Computer Education and Instructional Technology. She studies on Distance Education, Human-Computer Interaction, Internet and Digital Game Addiction, Design of Multimedia Enriched Teaching Materials, Internet-based Language Teaching. Application of different methods and techniques at Distance Education, Social Learning, Motivation, Cyberloafing, Factors causing Digital Game Addiction, Technology Supported Foreign Language Teaching and 3D Virtual Learning Environments are some of other research topics Baturay studies on.

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