Mehtap Tufan

Mehtap Tufan

Mehtap Tufan
WG Member – WG1, WG3
Position Paper

Actually I am at the bottom of the ladder. I am doing my Ph.D. in Computer Education and Instructional Technology Department at Middle East Technical University. I am specifically interested in qualitative research and special education. When reading about the research I thought that adding people who needs special education like hearing impaired or visually impaired person, can make contributions to the research results and provide equal solutions for all people.

For WG1, I can contribute to the qualitative studies. I took courses about qualitative research in my Ph.D. program and also I am using this research method in my Ph.D. thesis. Also I can contribute while working with blind or deaf people who can give detailed information about the impact of reading devices, display characteristics, tasks, type of texts or attention.

For WG3, I can contribute to the experiments. My undergraduate and graduate program are Computer Education and Instructional Technology, we learned in these programs how to use technology and how to measure the effect of technology usage. Therefore, I can be useful in these experiments. Also, hearing impaired or visually impaired people can be added to these experiments and I can work with them.

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