Matt S. Hayler

Matt Hayler

Matt S. Hayler
United Kingdom
MC Member – WG3, WG4

Matt Hayler a lecturer in post-1980 literature at the University of Birmingham specialising in contemporary experimental literature, e-reading, philosophy of technology, expertise, and transhuman body modification. He draws on work from the digital and cognitive humanities, cognitive science, (post)phenomenology, and object-oriented ontology to explore the entanglement of bodies and artefacts and how technological practices appear and are discussed in art, culture, and politics.

He acted as Network Coordinator for the AHRC-funded Cognitive Futures in the Humanities research network and is a Management Committee member and WG4 leader for the EREAD network. He is currently researching digital currencies, amateur body modification groups, the ontological problems of practical expertise, and experimental digital “ambient” literature, i.e. texts written to react to their environment.

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