Martin Fibiger

Martin Fibiger

Martin Fibiger
Czech Republic
MC Substitute – WG1, WG2
Position Paper

I would like to present my research results (The Relationship of Gymnasium and University Students to Books, Reading and Literary Education, 2013), which deal with reading culture. The mentioned research specifically includes book reading behaviour. It means process of reading, buying books or visiting public libraries. Then, it includes mass media reading behaviour. On the other hand it contains reasons for not reading books.

Hereafter, there is correlation between the size of residence and the volume of reading or correlation between school assessment and reading.

The publication includes correlation between a positive attitude towards literature classes (or the teacher) and reading. It also comprise reading strategies (“how”, “where” and “when” they read) and it also deals with reading in foreign languages. The book takes into account also favourite writers of readers, works or literary genres. It also includes preferences for spending free time of a particular reader.

I intend to continue in this research within E-READ: Evolution of Reading in the Age of Digitalization.

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