Jolin Slotte

Jolin Slotte

Jolin Slotte
WG Member – WG1, WG2, WG3
Position Paper

In my PhD dissertation I want to study whether and how reading a novel is different when read from an e-reading device or from a traditional book. The participants will be young readers in upper secondary school. I am particularly interested in measuring the following: 1) overall experience of reading from an e-reading device or paper and attitudes towards reading, 2) narrative and emotional engagement, 3) remembering the sequence of events.

In order to measure these aspects in a meaningful way, a theoretical model of reading that takes all these aspects into account is needed and also instruments or methods that can reliably measure the relevant aspects of reading. One practical deliverable will be a Finnish and Swedish version of the central instruments, which takes in consideration the cultural aspects of reading in Finnish and Fenno-Swedish schools in Finland.

My research is thus closely related to the overall interests of the action. The interests of WG3; how the medium may affect narrative and emotional engagement is closest to my research.

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