Jens Jørgen Hansen

Jens Jørgen Hansen

Jens Jørgen Hansen
WG Member – WG1, WG4
Position Paper

Institute of Design and Communication, University of Southern Denmark. My interest is in understanding of and development competences in reading digital texts in schools (my Ph.D. thesis was about digital textbooks). Text can both be understood as scientific texts and educational texts presented in digital textbooks. My interest is focused on to define and conceptualizer scientific texts and digital educational texts, how student read these types of texts, and how they can learn to read scientific and educational texts and how to measure their outcome of digital reading in scientific and educational texts.
Digital texts in schools are representing educational knowledge in a structure and by modalities that are suppose to motivate and support learning of a certain subject. Furthermore the digital text is situated in a technological environment (hardware and software) that influences the student’s access of, interaction with and understanding of the text.
I can tribute to develop research and test the variables of electronic reading for learning in schools with focus on the relation between: reading devices, displays, tasks and type of texts.

Recently I have been publishing a book together with a college:
Dorthe Carlsen & Jens Jørgen Hansen (eds) (2005): Digital Reading Didactics, Copenhagen: Akademisk Forlag.

Beside the introduction to the book I’ve produced three articles:

  • Digitals texts in the learning landscape of the school (Digitale tekster i skolens læringslandskab)
  • Digital Reading Didactics – to read and learn in the schools texts (Digital læsedidaktik – at læse og lære i skolens tekst- og læringslandskab)
  • Functions of a Reading Didactic and the competences of the reading teacher (Læsedidaktikkens funktioner og læseunderviserens kompetencer)

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