Jarkko Hautala

Jarkko Hautala

Jarkko Hautala
MC Substitute – WG1, WG2
Position Paper

I am a junior researcher (PhD received in 2012) studying eye movements during seeking information from internet in a Academy of Finland -funded eSeek! -research project for years 2014-2017 in the Department of Psychology, University of Jyväskylä.

Among EREAD work groups I’m most interested about WG1, due usage of eye tracking methodology. WG topics my work in eSeek! project will directly contribute are:

– tasks: reading vs information seeking;

– type of texts: expository, narrative, procedural; simple, complex; short, long;

– attention: simple vs double tasks.

– Both qualitative and quantitative analysis will be carried out. Integrating all these measures later by means of classifying techniques will also enable isolating reader profiles.

– Qualitative metrics: questionnaires (comprehension), R/K procedure (memory)

– Quantitative metrics: eye movements (vision), pupil dilation (stress), blink rate (fatigue), beep, task (attention).

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