Helge I. Strømsø

Helge Stromso

Helge I. Strømsø
MC Member – WG1
Position Paper

Helge I. Strømsø is a professor of education at the University of Oslo, Norway, and is at present Head of research at the Department of Education. Among his main scholarly interests are students’ beliefs, self-regulation, source evaluation, and comprehension when students read to learn about controversial topics in and out of school. Strømsø is currently working on the project “Understanding and promoting upper-secondary school students’ critical reading and learning in the 21st century information society” funded by the Norwegian Research Council. A major goal is developing students’ critical reading and learning, emphasizing critical source evaluation skills when students deal with multiple information sources. Strømsø has also worked extensively on questions related to how students’ beliefs about the epistemic, i.e. knowledge and knowing, are related to comprehension of expository texts, and specifically to the challenging task of comprehending a topic by evaluating and integrating information across multiple diverse information sources. He has published widely on the above topics in renowned international journals. More information is available here.

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