Federico Pianzola


Federico Pianzola
WG Member – WG2, WG3
Position Paper

I’m currently working on digital social reading. In particular, I’m following the activities promoted via Twitter by the account @TwLetteratura, who is involving a wide community in social reading games. In these activities, people can give voice to their impressions, emotions, observations in very short messages of no more than 140 characters, inspired by their readings, which can be either in print or on a screen-based digital device. Many of the teachers experimenting with this method are reporting that students show great immersion and transportation, compared to traditional ways of reading.

Technology is not only affecting traditional ways of reading, but is also creating new kinds of social reading activities. One aspect of my research is about the different reading experience of teenager and adults during these kind of games, in relation to the use of print or screen-based digital devices.

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