Elisa Marazzi

Elisa Marazzi

Elisa Marazzi
WG Member – WG1, WG3
Position Paper

Università degli Studi di Milano – Postdoctoral Fellow

Contribution for Italy (and if necessary, France and Denmark) to the review of national survey dealing with digital reading practices (WG3). Possible contribution to preparation and distribution of a pan-European survey on digital reading.

Trained in book history, I could contribute in the process of building up an interdisciplinary paradigm f. ex. defining publishing genres, outlining the evolution of educational tools (books and non-books). Such topics could also be included in interdisciplinary scientific publications: I would be glad to participate in a co-written publication.
I have taken part to the Gaming and Reading workshop organized by A. Sofronijevic and Brigitte Ouvry-Vial in France and I am willing to take part to the collective publication we discussed about.

Relevant research interests for E-READ COST action:

  • reading experiences and practices (18th-21st centuries)
  • surveys on reading practices
  • literary genres and readerships (18th-21st centuries)
  • textbooks and reading books in education (19th-20th centuries)
  • reading and gaming: a strategy for promoting reading?
  • shared reading practices: fanfiction, social reading

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