Dana Badulescu


Dana Badulescu
MC Member – WG3
Position Paper

Given my current interest in literary studies, I opt for WG3, which focuses on literary deep reading of printed texts in relation to reading by using digital tools like e-readers, tablets and smart phones. I would like to explore the ways in which emotional and experiential aspects of literary reading are altered and affected by the digital reading devices, and to measure their effects. I would also like to determine the extent to which the genre, complexity, length, layout/structure, stylistic features and literariness of texts are impacted by e-reading. Starting from the proviso that these features are affected by e-reading devices, I am interested in adapting literary reading to these devices in order to ensure a transfer or an equivalent of the mental and social benefits experienced by readers of printed texts onto the new digital devices. My ultimate objective is, therefore, to correlate the work and findings across the WGs. Pursuing this objective, while (the majority of) the Romanian philologists will join WG3, Professor Cristea, an IT specialist, will join WG4 (principal) and WG1 (secondary). The results of each WG will be shared and correlated at network and Action level.

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