Claire Gauzente

Claire Gauzente

Claire Gauzente
MC Substitute – WG3

Full Professor in Management Science (sub-fields: marketing & management information systems), University of Nantes, LEMNA – Research Lab in Management Science & Economics

I’ve been working on digital environments both from the firms’ and the end-users’ perspectives since the early 2000. My initial interest was in online privacy: web merchants’ policies and users/consumers’ perceptions.

I then examined the perception, acceptation and use of different technical innovations by end-users (fi: avatars, sponsored links, online reviews, qr-codes, sms-advertising, mobile marketing, augmented reality). I’ve been an invited researcher in Finland sponsored by the French embassy and had the chance to be involved as a vice-chair, STSM coordinator and working group member in the COST Action “Combining print with digital media” (working group dedicated to users) chaired by Anu Seisto.

Within Pr. B. Ouvry-Vial newly accepted project, I work on capturing the subjective experience of reading, entailing all forms of readings (from the most anecdotic reading (fi reading advertising or map indications) to more “deep” reading (fi articles, books…)). A pilot study is launched this year with my master students.

Another part of my work is also dedicated to research methods that can help investigating subjectivity and experience; that is why a number of my publications are more method-oriented.

To sum up, my main area of interest is the study of user’s experience, especially consumer’s experience, with different information & communication technologies.

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