Carla Ganito


Carla Ganito
MC Member

I co-coordinated an international two-year project on Digital Reading funded by the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation. The research was focused in Portugal but was based in an extensive quantitative survey of 16 countries. The project aimed at providing insights for three levels of stakeholders: the Publishing market: by presenting recommendations to digital books and documents publishing; to create a platform where the different elements of the book publishing chain can cooperate and network; Libraries: identification of the necessary support when implementing digital reading devices, specifically regarding the way of functioning of those unities, human resources training, and programs that help to encourage e-books reading. We will pay special attention to specialised libraries and the impact of digital reading to its operating modes; Reading: through the identification of digital readers’ typology and of the meaning they attribute to the digital reading practice.

I am particularly interested in WG4 and WG2. WG4 seems to be best suited for my main goal of developing comparative research. As for WG2 I am currently involved in a three year pilot project of replacing the school manual for a digital book. It would be interesting to keep track of the research on development aspects of reading.

I would be interested in further developing comparative research by applying the survey developed in the scope of the “Digital Reading” project, in other European countries and by building a longitudinal analysis.

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