Camelia Soponaru


Camelia Soponaru
WG Member – WG2
Position Paper

My scientific contribution to this project concentrates on the social and emotional aspects of the reading (e-reading including) and on the major links between the different supports and the subjects. In the same time I am very interested to undersand the influence of digital media on the attitudes of children of all reading ages towards reading and literacy, as well as on the impact of specific features of digitally presented texts on children’s deep reading skills (development of decoding, semantic, syntactic, and comprehension skills).

Others objectives:

  • to prompt systematic, empirical, interdisciplinary research transcending established boundaries between scientific disciplines involved in reading research;
  • to facilitate joint scientific publications and new, radically interdisciplinary, collaborative research projects (esp. across humanities/social sciences and natural sciences);
  • to establish long-term theoretically and methodologically innovative research collaboration;

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