Transfer Credit Articulation Agreement

If you are admitted to USF, you will receive a final online assessment that will show how your previous studies transferred to USF and what requirements you have already met. The time it takes to complete your accounts depends on your total number of credits and their distribution among USF requirements. Students must have obtained a grade of “C” or higher in university courses in order for courses to transfer to Howard University. Articulation agreements are formal agreements (or some would call a partnership) between two or more colleges and universities that document transfer guidelines for a given program or degree in general. Do you want to search and find articulation agreements? The articulation of courses differs from the process of acceptance of credits acquired by one institution, from another institution, as it applies to its graduation requirements, i.e. “transfer of credits”. For example, a university may rely on the academic credit units acquired at a community college on its minimum number of units for a bachelor`s degree. However, some courses previously taken may not be treated as well as its own specific course requirements for a given core subject or a certain concentration for the same degree, if the articulation process shows that the other institution`s curricula are not equivalent to or less stringent than their own course curricula. In the latter situation, a transferring student may find that he or she cannot graduate until he or she has taken courses at the second institution, which partially overlap or repeat material that he or she studied previously at the first. There is no limit to the total number of credits that can be transferred; However, all students must complete 44 semesters at USF to meet the minimum residency requirement.

TransferEtudentsThe College of Arts and Science Admissions Office is here to help you with the transfer process. We recommend that students contact our office so that we can answer your questions and discuss the transfer to Redlands. In each subject for which credit is requested, a minimum score of 4 is usually required (some subjects require a score of 3). Howard University accepts credits from a regionally accredited post-secondary institution. Many Community Colleges also provide detailed information on their transfer page, which you can find by name, location, and other features. For discipline-specific transfer points, the Registrar`s office will request a review and assignment of transfer points by the specific discipline. In ongoing efforts to assist transfer students, the University of Redlands Articulation has entered into agreements with many California community colleges….

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