Ibew Local 441 Sound Agreement

It is true that we have entered into a preliminary agreement with NECA on our Southern California 9th District Sound & Communications Agreement. Unlike the inside Wiremen`s Agreement, our agreement includes the following premises: Business managers and representatives of the listed premises have reached many of our negotiation meetings and have all contributed to the final product. Inside, wireman. it is only within education that it is worth getting involved. And stay at the 11th local. They will ALWAYS have more work than 441. Unless you enjoy working at Disneyland Cemetery and pull a Smurf tube through the curse of the Caribbean. 441 won`t have much more to offer in the long run. The La is predominantly democratic. OC is still a Republican stronghold when it comes to labor. Please attend this very special meeting.

3). If I wanted to take the step towards the Inside Wire Man, what should I do to make it happen? No one got everything they wanted. Everyone had a voice. If you are an intern for s&c or would like to apply and ask I would be very happy with any guide or help who can thank you. 1) My biggest concern is that there is not enough work. How long does the shutdown last on average? I was looking for a career change and I have a few questions. If you could help me as best you could, it would be much appreciated. This Saturday, November 9, we will submit to you for ratification the amendments agreed in this Treaty. We will devote all the time necessary to resolve any confusion or questions you may have. Go to the business at the EIT in the multipurpose room next to the auditorium.

Then the Unit 9 meeting will begin at 9 a.m., the ratification meeting will begin at 11 a.m., and the allocation meeting will meet immediately after the ratification meeting. We will have food and drink at the unit meeting. 2) What is the average salary of a sounds and communication worker per year?. . .

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