CFP Cognitive Futures in the Arts and the Humanities Paradigms of Understanding – Sharing Cognitive Worlds

After successful and stimulating conferences at Bangor, Durham, Oxford, Helsinki, Stony Brook and Canterbury, the “Cognitive Futures in the Arts and Humanities” research network will hold its 2019 conference in Mainz, Germany.

The conference will focus on questions of methodology: on how cognitive research is performed in the Humanities, on how we design our research, on how we ask questions and try to find answers. How do we share cognitive worlds? How do we analyse them? How do we analyse the methods for sharing them? How do we keep on top of changing scientific paradigms? How do we integrate scientific me­­thodologies into the humanities and vice versa? What constitutes “good” interdisci­pli­nari­ty? While the conference focuses on cognition, we do not mean to restrict ourselves to the natural scien­ces: we invite the whole range of the approaches practiced in the Cognitive Futures Network to metho­do­logical, episte­mo­lo­gical, and practical self-reflection. Con­ference participants are encouraged to pre­sent current research or project drafts to share material, receive feedback and further the Network.

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