Call for applications Training School in Haifa

Call for applications for Training School in Haifa, Israel (February 8-11, 2016) has been issued with a deadline of December 21th 2015. Only 10 trainees will be invited to the Training school and receive a travel grant of 900 Euro. Send your applications by the December 21 to, including the following documents:

1. Motivation letter

2. CV including award date of the applicant’s PhD, the current position, a list of the applicant’s activities in the ongoing COST-activities

Each invited trainee will receive a grant from COST, covering (parts of) travel and accommodation costs. Following the preliminary program:

  • Location: Technion—Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa, Israel
  • Local organizer: Rakefet Ackerman
  • Dates: Feb. 8th-11th
  • Topic/title: Metacognition: Theory and Methodology in the service of E-Learning
  • Objectives: Metacognitive research is an emerging research domain within cognitive psychology. It deals with the processes by which people regulate their thinking efforts while performing tasks like learning, problem solving, and question answering.


  • Day 1: Metacognitive regulation of mental effort
  • Day 1+2: Metacognitive research methodology and the potential benefits it provides for learning research
  • Day 2: Heuristic cues that may misleading metacognitive monitoring and effort regulation
  • Day 3: Metacognitive aspects of human-computer interaction
  • Day 4 (and 2 hours each day): Discussion of participants’ research and designing with each one of them a research which incorporates metacognitive measures

As the Deadline for applications to be submitted is the 21/12/2015 and the date for the Notification of application outcome is the 06/01/2016, we suggest concluding the assessment before 03/01/2016 in order to have the time to collect the data and create the ranking.

Herewith, please find attached the Assessment criteria for the evaluation committee, which has been approved by the MC in Ljubljana.

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