Att Amb Agreement

If you receive a service under a signed contract or other agreement with AT-T and it is currently in effect, the terms of delivery of your AT-T service apply. Please note this document. Each IRU participating in the sponsorship program must: (a) enter into a separate wireless service agreement between the IRU and AT-T with an eligible plan (an “IRU service agreement” each) and be responsible for compliance with a separate wireless agreement, including, but not limited to, the corresponding obligations to comply with all the terms of the plan and to pay all costs arising from the IRU service contract; and (b) to comply from time to time with the principles of activation, validation, migration, upgrade and related procedures, including and without limitation of payment of registration fees. 6.14 Plan at-T Mobile Share (with unlimited conversation and text) 10.6 NOTICE REGARDING TRANSMISSION OF WIRELESS EMERGENCY ALERTS (Commercial Mobile Alert Service) I understand that the customer will not be able to participate in the AT-T Mobile Business program or obtain a wireless service until I sign the AMB electronic agreement agreement. This is the main document that explains the relationship between you and AT-T when you subscribe to the postpaid wireless service of ATT. If you are a corporate customer (company or government), click here for additional conditions that govern your use of the wireless service of ATT. The customer must pay for all the sums incurred under the contract, whether these sums were made to the client or his CRUs. The customer is not responsible for the amounts generated by the IRUs under this contract or an IRU service contract. 4.6 How do I get a service outside of the wireless network (roaming) of ATT? 3.6 Does the AT-T detect network performance information based on my device`s location? Can I use site-based services with my device? International Remote Messaging, Image and Video Global Complementary Data and Global Messaging Plans/Packages under the Sponsorship Program: (a) IRUs can choose from selected plans available to the customer in any AT-T market (provided they qualify for the chosen plan); and (b) if the customer meets the minimum discount, qualified IRUs can receive the service discount in accordance with point 3. 1.11 How will AT-T communicate with me about my service? 6.11.3 Blackberry® Connect; Blackberry Enterprise; Blackberry International Customer and its CRUs are not authorized to resell, reproduce, broadcast or broadcast services or other program components directly or indirectly to third parties, including machine-to-machine transfers. In accepting the agreement on behalf of the customer, I represent: 11.1 California: What If There Unauthorized Charges Billed on my device? 1.2 What are ATT`s rights to terminate my services and terminate my contract? 6.10.2 Global Add-On/DataConnect Global Plans/DataConnect North America Plans The customer must have at least one CRU at any time during the term of the agreement. .

1.1 How long is my service? How can I fulfill my duty of service? What are my rights to terminate the service and terminate my contract? The client`s staff can participate in the sponsorship program. All of these employees will be IRUs as part of this agreement. The client recognizes and accepts that employees must be validated to participate in the sponsorship program and that not all staff members who are thus validated are not IRUs in accordance with the agreement and do not enjoy equivalent benefits for the program. 4.5 How can I use another carrier`s network (off-net use)? AT T will work with the customer to set up a single username and password (password) to access and use the portal to purchase crUs services and equipment.

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